Saye Artisan SS23 Stories Collection

Whispered a nomad girl from the mountains of Anatolia and asked, what is my story? where do I come from, where do I go? What are my values? My belongings? She would then discover a whole new era where the traditionalism reshaped with fresh perspectives.

Signature motives that come from traditional kilims and playful stripes that builds a bridge between patterns, this collection is re-phrasing the stories that are told by Turkish nomads from the mountains of Anatolia. Our new fabric story is even stronger with Turkish Hemp blends and naturally dyed Silk and Cotton qualities. Rich colorways, patterns with a hidden language and pragmatic details; our SS23 Collection is dedicated to a nomad girl and the stories she whispers.

to the very end, we write stories even without realizing them. In most of them, we are our own subject, our own hero.

Stories what makes us one.

To keep our stories alive and cheerish them in all ways. LOVE from Saye ARTISAN.

Photography: Ajans Mutfak
Design & Creative Direction: Ajans Mutfak & Saye Artisan
Models: Damla & Yagmur, Seray Gunyer

Saye Artisan SS22 Shido Collection

The fires that broke out in our country and in the world last
summer once again showed the importance of seeds, green,
solidarity, conscious production and consumption and
many more... These unfortunate events brought us closer
to the soil; to our essence.

We are dedicating this collection to the forests rising from the
ashes, to the resisting villagers, to the conscious consumer,
with the pride of processing what comes out of the soil into
fabric with the methods that used 100 years ago..

The seed has become an integral part of every culture.
Saye Artisan SS22 collection is inspired by the concept of
seed (shido) in Japanese culture, brings together minimal
lines with the traditional and sow the first seeds for the
modernisation of traditionalism. Clear lines and
sharp-edged forms in the Shido collection is bringing a
new interpretation to the kaftans which are the signature
silhouettes of the brand.

Love from Saye ARTISAN

Photography: Yaşar Turanlı
Design & Creative Direction:Saye Artisan
Models: Cagla Pekmezci

Saye Artisan SS21 Amari Collection

Amari, which comes from the
root of the Latin word amateur,
means made with love. We have
added new regions and motifs to
our timeless collection, which we
made with love with weaving
looms resisting modern times.
Amari is waiting to be discovered
by you.

Photography: Oyku Karasu
Design & Creative Direction:Saye Artisan & Oyku Karasu
Models: Cagla Pekmezci

Saye Artisan SS20 Initium Collection

Photography: 74 Studio
Design & Creative Direction: 74 Studio