Each piece of Saye is designed with a simple vision; building a better future for you, us and our skilled women weavers. 


Elvan, who is both the master weaver and the chief of the village says: 'It is my mother's greatest legacy to me. The money I earn from weaving is very valuable and fruitful.'


Havana, which cultivates its fields, does animal husbandry, jewelerry design and weaving at the same time, says: 'It's like therapy. The day is missing when you don't sit on the loom.''


Master Weaver Kadriye, who has been weaving for 50 years using both traditional and her own creativity, says: ''I started weaving because I thought it was the best job I could do without being dependent on anyone.Until now, I have met all my needs thanks to what I have woven. weaving money It is very fruitful.''


'Our master weaver says that ''when I started weaving, my age was fourteen now seventy- seven, weaving is our inheritance, if we work, we exist


''Before the Saye Artisan, it wasn't sold that much before I filled it up slowly. As the order comes, I care more about my work and since the order has arrived, I think I've done something valuable..''


''I started without knowing that I was going to love it so much, I wasn't bored for a day, both money is very fertile, our body works''


Master warper Rabia, who has been doing warp work for 60 years, which requires superior dexterity and mathematics, says: ''my husband was lazy, i supported my house and myself with warp work, and i still do.''


''I used to see it as a duty because it is up to women to keep cultures alive.. as I researched, I saw that there is a deep-rooted culture.. people always want to do more than the previous one, like leveling up in the game. I felt that I was more self-confident while weaving diapers...that's why I wandered around the ropes.. ''