Story of Natural Dye Saye Kaftans & Dresses 

Each Saye Artisan product has a unique story either with its patterns or weaving techniques. 

Our natural dye collection is developed with an eco-print artisan, Gülfer Keskin and in collaboration with Journal Mert Studio that mainly focuses on botanical print development and sustainable textiles. Working with a well-gathered team of naturists, we are excited to create a limited edition collection each season with one of a kind pieces. 

We would like to take you to behind the scenes of natural dyeing. To demonstrate the process, we have four general stages listed. 

As the records show, dyeing with natural ingredients first started with the invention of weaving. Dating back to the Bronze Age, many dyed cloth samples were found and they were experimented with different florals and plants. This desire or coloring with natural ingredients passed by cultures and generations. Our weaving master describes natural dyeing as an organic part of the whole process. One of our eldest and most experienced weavers tells that since her childhood, she used to color the yarns with plants and vegetables that she grows in her garden. Having the luxury of coloring yarns naturally is priceless for her. The desire of coloring with natural ingredients has never stopped for us.

As Saye Artisan, we are keen on creating with what nature gives us and with minimum waste back to nature. 

Steps of Natural Dyeing

Preparing Flowers and Leaves for Dyeing and Mordanting

In this stage, our design team chooses the color themes and creates a pattern story. Right after, our designer starts working with the eco-print artisan to prepare for dyeing. All the plants and flowers are collected according to the collection theme. From collecting the plants to finishing the edges, the entire process of natural dye collection is made in a small village called Birgi. 

Once the plants are collected, our artisan prepares them for the specific color story by mordanting them with various liquids. 

Arranging the Patterns and Colors Variations 

In stage two, our designer arranges the design on silk. As all the other stages, this is a highly important stage for us. Developing patterns and color stories each season is one of our biggest passions!

Boiling or Steaming 

Once the final arrangement is completed, the fabric is rolled with aluminum foil and tied tightly before boiling. Depending on the pattern effect, the rolls are either boiled in water or steamed.

Pre-handling for sewing and finishing 

Just before the products meet with you, it gets well-treated with care by our production studio.Fabrics such as silk or silk- blends need a special skill to sew and finish.

Final Step

Our silk products are sewn in a boutique manufacturer studio where the most experienced machinists are in charge of the pieces. Once the sewing and the final finishing is done by the women artisans of Birgi, we send them to you with all the good intention and love.

For further questions about your naturally dyed Saye Artisan pieces, please get in touch with us!